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    I was in advertising in NYC for more than 25 years. Some others and I
    prided ourselves in creativity. In fact, my last television campaign won the
    Cannes Film Festival Award. But the business side took over completely,
    and I knew it was over for me. Money just wasn’t enough.
    In many discussions with my wife she kept saying “I think you should be a
    painter” and I repeatedly said, “are you crazy!”. We were enjoying a
    certain lifestyle that wasn’t bad….but painting?
    I thought I was superman until I tried it. There were paintings that
    refused to be painted… so I planted a tree instead. As frustration mounted,
    more trees were planted until people passed my house by. They couldn’t
    find it.
    Painting comes from my heart and recently at our State Capitol, I received The NM Governor’s Award for Artistic Excellence and Lifetime Achievement.
    Take it from me, this doesn’t happen every day.
    I don’t plant trees anymore…so take a look. I hope you won’t be


    About The Artist


    Website address: www.vincentfigliola.com


    7265 Village Drive, Las Cruces,NM 8

    email: figliolafineart@zianet.com

    Studio phone: 575 405 3048

    Inquiries to Purchase 575 382 7731


    VINCENT N. FIGLIOLA, award-winning Creative Director, over 25 years, moved from Manhattan to New Mexico to express his purely creative leanings in a new landscape. In his own words, he came to New Mexico…"to see if he could become a serious painter,to paint the human epic in classical terms.” Preferred mediums include oil, egg tempera, mixed media, original graphite drawings, and limited edition stone lithography. Art critics refer to Vincent as “the artist who paints the Renaissance, and makes it now.”


    In the 1980’s prior to an interview with the BBC, Leo Castelli, the international art critic and founder of movements in modern art, predicted that Vincent would be one of the important realistic painters of this century. Apparently, he has.


    Now 87, Vincent is recognized as a Living Master in Contemporary Realism.

    The Art Renewal Center (ARC)selected “Crossing II” to go by codex to the moon, which sold at Sotheby’s NYC to a patron in Germany. “Crossing II” was exhibited at The ARC Salon, 15th International Exhibition, NYC & Sotheby’s NYC.

    The Art Renewal Center has selected “Connected” for the July-August 2023, 16th International ARC Salon Exhibition, Manhattan & Sotheby’s NYC.

    Oil Painters of America (OPA) 2022, selected for International Juried Exhibitions: California Center for the Arts,Escondido, “La Dolce Vita”; Southwest Fine Art,Dallas,“Jack at Desert’s Edge”; Steamboat Springs Museum, CO,“Connected”. Writers and poets chose this painting from the exhibition, to speak of the universal theme: that we seek the love our parents, and hold dear our connection.


    Editorial: Fine Art Connoisseur, Peter Trippi, Editor in Chief, selected “ Vincent Figliola,Self Portrait with Ballerina”. “Faces 1, Andrew Wyeth”, awarded the Blue Ribbon Award; “Tchaikovsky’s Sky”, Back Cover,October 2022; Today’s Masters: Vincent Figliola, pg 055,“Gregory”, December 2022.

    Today’s Masters:pg 092,093, “ Two Artists Speak: Vincent N. Figliola “ The article quotes Vincent’s perspective about his work. Adjacent, painting, “No Signal”, oil, 5ft.x 4ft, a self portrait of the artist, expressing his protest against the loss of face to face communication, addiction to cell phones.

    To quote Vincent: “ Computers don’t build bird nests.”

    Fine Art Connoisseur, 2021, 2022-2023


    “About the Artist” , www.vincentfigliola.com includes his beginnings, and development as an artist. While in the Fine Arts program at Temple University, Tyler Art & Architecture, “The Crucifixion”, now in private collection, drew attention along with his sculpture. Vincent was awarded the Salvador Dali Drawing Competition and offered an apprenticeship in Spain.

    Born in Harrison, NY, Vincent currently resides in a desert/mountain landscape in Las Cruces, NM.

    His work is included in selected corporate and private collections, nationally and internationally.

    Graduation Harrison, NY Highschool; Served in Korea; Temple University Fine Arts,BFA; NYU Film School; Columbia University, NYC, BA American History; Animation and Illustration, Deputy Dog ;

    Art Director, Ogilvy&Mather NYC; Creative Director, Scali McCabe & Sloves; Figliola & Partners Advertising,NYC, Vincent Figliola: ANDYs,CLEOs,CANNES Film Festival.


    Vincent N. Figliola, Patent for DreamBath, Washington DC, Penne & Edmonds, Package Design, Copyright, delivery system and design, film & print.

    Purchase: Vincent N. Figliola, figliolafineart@zianet.com, 575 405-3048, 575 382-7731


    FINE ART AWARDS: Vincent N. Figliola

    The Salmagundi Club, non-resident member Fifth Ave, NYC

    Oil Painters of America, Juried Exhibitions, International Realism, 2021, 2022- 2023

    The Art Renewal Center, ARC , Contemporary Realism, codex to moon, Sotheby’s ARC Salon, NYC

    15th & 16th International Exhibitions, Manhattan,2022, July-August, 2023.

    Fine Art Connoissuer, Blue Ribbon Award “Faces1, Andrew Wyeth”

    Quinlan Fine Art, OPA Juried Exhibition, “Faces1. Andrew Wyeth”

    Fine Art Coinnoisseur, Two Artists Speak: Vincent Figliola, “No Signal”

    “Gregory” Nov/ Dec 2022.

    Recipient of the New Mexico Governor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts, Governor’s Gallery,

    N.M State Capitol Exhibition & Arts Council, Santa Fe

    International Masters of Fine Art, SanAntonio Texas, OPA juried Exhibition

    El Paso Museum of Art, International Exhibition: “Cruz & Jose”, “Crossing I”,“Moving On”

    Juarez Museum of Fine Art, International Juried Exhibition

    Chicago Art Institute:The National Museum of Mexican Art

    Editorial: American Art Collector, Southwest Art, Neighbors, New York Times

    PasaTiempo. Santa Fe: Governor’s Awards, “Vincent N. Figliola: An Artist Takes Flight”

    Vincent N. Figliola:“La Dolce Vita”, the sweet life, The Border Paintings.

    II,IV,VI Biennial: Ciudad Juarez-El Paso Museum of Art, International Juried Masters

    Simic Galleries, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, California

    Massey Fine Arts, Santa Teresa, NM

    Hammer Gallery, NYC

    Fine Art Gallery & Museum, Amarillo, TX

    Huntsman Gallery of Fine Art, Aspen, CO

    NMSU Williams Hall Solo Exhibition& Retablo Collection Mexico City

    Glenn Cutter Fine Art, Las Cruces, NM

    John Pence Gallery, San Francisco,CA

    Arnot Museum,"Re-presenting Representation”John O’Hern Curator, national tour

    “The Border Paintings” International League of Conservation,”Borderlands, Wildlife, People and the Wall” Washington DC

    El Paso Museum of Art, Christian Gerstheimer, Curator, “The Crossing I”“Cruz & Jose” “Moving On”

    III Biennale Ciudad Juarez-El Paso, “A Cultural Crossroads for the United States and Mexico” Juried Exhibition, Cesareo Moreno, Chief Curator and Visual Arts Director

    National Museum of Mexican Art, Chicago

    “Examining Social Issues through Art” Vincent N. Figliola,American Artist

    Southern Poverty Law Center: Certificate of Appreciation “ The Border Paintings”: the artist’s ongoing fight against hatred and intolerance in America, The Wall of Tolerance Montgomery,AL

    The Greenhouse Gallery, San Antonio,TX, “International Masters of Fine Art”

    Inverarte Fine Art, San Antonio,Tx, Mexico City, Vincent N. Figliola: “The Crossings,The Bridge”

    S.R. Brennen Galleries, PalmDesert, Scottsdale, Santa Fe

    Reflection Gallery, Canyon Road, Santa Fe

    NM Governor’s Gallery, State Capitol, Santa Fe,Governor’s Award

    NM Arts Commission, Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Arts

    Film & Print Awards: The Art Directors Club of New York City, Club Med, print campaign

    Cannes Film Festival, LION, Chanel No 5, “The Pool”, Chanel print campaign, entry into cosmetics

    The Portuguese Trade Commission,Wines & Port; Smirnoff print campaign

    National Public Service Campaign, Best Print Campaign: understanding cultural differences

    The Advertising Club of New York, Blue Ribbon Television Awards:

    Contac (first time-release pill) & Maxwell House Coffee (first instant coffee)

    Revlon, print campaigns, Jerri Hall, Lauren Hutton; Charles of the Ritz Cosmetics

    NY Times, full page black & White, Manhattan Flower Works, Scratch&Sniff artificial flowers

    Cameron & Pascalle Fragrances, Best Print &Television, CLEO,ANDY,John Barry musical score

    Guerlain Fragrances, Shalimar, Best Print & Television,CLEO,ANDY

    Best Direct Mail Campaign,booked prior to Premiere Opening NYC Novitel/Sofitel Hotel & Brasserie

  •  Fine Art Connoisseur, Editor in Chief, Peter Trippi,

    November/December 2021, “Two Artists Speak”:

    Fine Art Connoisseur, 2021, October/November 2022


    Oil Painters of America, 2021, 2022 International Juried Exhibitions


    International Realism, “15th International ARC Salon”, July 16th-July 26th2021, Sotheby’s NY 1334 York Ave,NY opening reception


    Selected ARC Exhibition Works Included in Lunar Codex: 23 works selected from every continent, for inclusion in the “Nova Collection” Vincent Figliola, Living Master, “Crossing II” to be placed on the moon in perpetuity” p54,110


    Fine Art Connoisseur, 2021, October/November 2022


    Oil Painters of America, 2021, 2022 International Juried Exhibitions


    International Realism, “15th International ARC Salon”, July 16th-July 26th2021, Sotheby’s NY 1334 York Ave,NY opening reception


    Selected ARC Exhibition Works Included in Lunar Codex: 23 works selected from every continent, for inclusion in the “Nova Collection” Vincent Figliola, Living Master, “Crossing II” to be placed on the moon in perpetuity” p54,110


  • Neighbors Magazine

  • American Art Collector: Featured in May issue